divendres, 20 de maig de 2016

Mystery Skype!

Today we've done our first Mystery Skype with...Sweden! It has been so fun! Avui hem fet el nostre primer Mystery Skype amb...Suècia! Ha sigut molt divertit!

dimarts, 10 de maig de 2016

5 a Day! Song

We worked on recipes and food. Here's the song we've learned! And remember, EAT fruit and vegetables every day!

dilluns, 9 de maig de 2016

Mystery Skype

Have you ever played to Mystery Skype? It is a super fun activity to meet students from around the world.In a Mystery Skype call we have to find out the location of the other callers, hopefully before they guess where we are!Before the call we prepared some questions to eliminate or confirm some areas of the world.
The questions had to be closed questions - the answers could only be YES or NO.
Get ready because soon we are going to play it!

papers for letters

Do you want to use beautiful papers for your letters? click on the links!


Skype with our Romanian friends

We really had fun with the Skype session with our Romanian friends! We could say "hello" and asked some questions to them! We are super happy and excited!

"Tobby is on tour" project front cover contest

Each student created different front covers for our Etwinning project "Tobby is on tour". Here you have the winner! Congrats Lidia!

in, on Game!

Super simple and fun game! Every student has a white board. Teacher draws a big jug, a plate and a fridge on the board. She sticks a flashcard in or on it and students have to guess what's in, on...the jug, the plate or the fridge. Ex. there's some .... in/on the ..... It can be done orally too!

diumenge, 1 de maig de 2016

Simple Present

Verbs, nouns, pronouns...let's make sentences!


Paper ball activity to practice place prepositions. So easy, so fun;)